Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 3 - Tuesday

Week 3 – Tuesday


Today’s SPACE theme was a trip to Hamilton zoo. The weather gods were good to us and we met in glorious sunshine for a bit of a safari stroll. I was pushing Francis in his stroller, but once we got inside I realized that the cross beam on the hand rails were just the right height to prevent him from seeing anything.

Luckily I had over packed, so I was able to pull out the ergo and put him in that and then he was able to see everything. We saw monkeys and lemurs, chimps and meercats (much smaller than they appear on TV) – tiger, cheetah, a bunch of colourful birds, white rhinos, bison, zebra (pronounced Zeb-bra not Zeee-bra), and finally some Giraffes, mammy’s favourites. It was actually a really nice zoo with nice open paddocks for the animals.

By the time we got home Francis had fallen asleep in the car, but I woke him, gave him a quick change and a very short Daddy Milkies before he fell back asleep for the next two hours.  Since he didn’t wake until after 2pm, I thought it not worth while to go for an afternoon nap.

 Cracker –Toa

Once he woke, I figured he would be super hungry since he had hardly had any breakfast or milkies. I made a quesadilla which he rejected by throwing it all on the floor. I figured he was just showing solidarity with his Dad who fasts on a Tuesday, so I fetched him all types of crackers to try.

Today, food was definitely just for fun, as he spent all his time breaking the various tasty dry morsels into many small bits. It’s also day two of non-pooping so he’s just proving my theory correct by not eating. In the end I just gave him the whole small Tupperware of crackers and let him go at it. He certainly likes to crunch things and break them into small pieces, oh and then throw them on the floor.

"You looking at me?"

"See I can pretend to eat them"

Aerial View of the Devastation

Going Ferrel

After a while we just got down and played with some toys.  Francis kept returning to the scene of his earlier crime to eat some crackers that now had sufficient floor flavor added to them to satisfy his sophisticated palate.  That and he saw the dogs sneaking sly licks at the floor mat. Makes me wonder if I should put his food in a bowl on the ground at the same time as we feed them. Survival of the fittest?

 Crazy cracker jack numbers:

0– poos.  This now equals zero or little food intake. Ananda  has suggested prunes!
2 – goals I let in this evening
0- the goals we scored. Bugger
22 – the number I could have let in. Just call me “The Cat”
1 – shelving unit built for airing cupboard.  I might now get around to finding our towels and putting them in place

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