Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 3 - Wednesday

Week 3 – Wednesday

Sleepless in Melville

Well not quite the right heading as Ananda got a full 5 hours of sleep last night. Francis slumbered happily from 8pm to midnight and then to 5am. His hardworking Stay At Home Dad slumbered from 10:30pm to 6:00am, with one nasty interruption for cramp at midnight. So we’re all pretty fresh today.

Possible reasons for this long sleep :

1)   No afternoon nap on Tuesday afternoon ?
2)   Earlier than normal bed time routine?
3)   Black out curtains I put up on Tuesday – but unlikely since it was his 2-3am wake that he skipped on, and pretty sure it was still dark then. Best ask Ananda though!
4)   Sleeping pills I slipped into his spinach last night? (Best not tell Ananda)
5)   Sleeping pills I slipped into Ananda’s pasta?
6)   Starvation taking over?

We’ll see how he goes tonight. But we may have to take a few days of the no afternoon nap and see if that works. Anyone with experience know at what age they can drop a nap?

Shopping Fail

The goal of today’s trip to the Lodge Auction rooms was to buy a house that had been the subject of some bad press due to it being a former Methamphetamine lab! 
Right before we left for the auction house Francis had a poo – I should have take this as a sign. That and the torrential downpour we drove and walked through to get there. Sometime I just need to read the signs of fate better!

So instead I came home with two new camping chairs and some prunes for Francis. Seems like you still need more than $520,000 to buy a P lab in Hamilton these days. We’ll keep looking, but will probably need to dust off the tent for when my relatives arrive in January. At least the windows in the tent are screened!

Second Breakfast

Breakfast for Francis was quite a sorry affair, with very little eaten. We went on our usual walk with the dogs, and when we got back I was clearing away his Weetbix box, when I noticed he kept following me wherever I went with that box. It was quite a circumvented route to the kitchen this morning.

So I plopped him back in his chair and he had a pretty good stab and eating a fair amount of Weetbix.  So maybe cos he’s a kiwi he might be into that second breakfast kinda thing.

I’m going to check his feet for hairiness on a daily basis, and keep my golden wedding band away from him!

Builder’s Apprentice

He’s getting quite good at the old hand eye coordination. I present exhibit A as evidence :

Equally adroit with both hands.

Lies, lies and statistics

1– poos and this equaled quite good eating. So my theory is on stronger ground now.
$520,000 – the price the bidding got to for the house I was interested in. It still did not sell at that price.
$70,000 – the amount it went over what we were willing to pay
54.54% - of houses that DID NOT sell at auction today

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