Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 5 - Part 1

Week 5 – Part 1

Play Centre

Picture Credit - Joanne

So far, this week, touch wood, has been a bit if a breeze.  SPACE activity this week was to go and visit a Play Centre which is the next step up from SPACE. It’s a parent led play group which gets support from the government in terms of funding.  So you pay a nominal fee ($45 a term I think) and then you have to commit to being on the team once a week, and to do some training courses.

The time commitment may seem a bit daunting, but Francis had such a great time there that I think it would be worth it. As usual he was off and exploring as soon as he hit the ground. I had to rescue him from outside on a number of occasions.  At times he would come back covered in glue and glitter and one occasion with a bloody lip – all quickly forgotten when we started making  ginger bread  cookies!

Glittering Exit

We discovered the one draw back to all that glue and glitter today when changing his poopy nappy. No picture needed right?

Green Day

Francis has been doing a great job eating and eliminating . Some days he is eating so much at dinner time I have to go and re-heat his left overs from lunchtime. Here’s some happy eating pictures for you. He's put back on 350g in the last week, so we’re all feeling much better!

Different Soup, Different Day.

Parenting Decisions.

I guess when it comes to raising children, there would be very few couples that agree 100% on everything when it comes to their kid(s). My biggest bug-bear right now is we’ve just applied for Francis’s permanent USA passport. I really don’t want him to be a Yank, just like I don’t want him to be a Brit. He was born in New Zealand, therefore he’s a kiwi. Many reasons for not wanting him to be a Yank, one of the biggest is the amount of paperwork this will subject him to. America is the only country in the world that insists its citizens living abroad file taxes, and pay capital gains as well. He can rescind his citizenship for free when he is 18, or we can pay several thousand dollars to do it before then, but he’d still have to file taxes for another 7 years after that. For a country that can’t even make it’s President-elect pay taxes, I think that’s effed up. I took one for the team though. Hate myself for it though with every cell in my body.

This week, so far in numbers :

28 – days how long it took us to actually sleep in the Master bedroom at our new house.
106 – the total number of days we spent sleeping in the spare bed (I was sick when we got back from US, then we quite liked not sleeping in the same room as F, but were too lazy to move his cot!
1 – goals I scored on my return to playing outfield in soccer after my back surgery in January. It felt great to run around – I felt unleashed – out of breath, but unleashed.
5 – number of time we hit the post tonight
1 – goals the pesky opposition scored. Arrrgghhh
4 – number of pre-bed time pain killers I have just taken – just in case!
4.75 – kg the size of the free range turkey I bought today for Thanksgiving.
65 - $ price of said turkey.

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