Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 3 - Thursday Outstanding

Week 3 – Thursday Outstanding

The Office

Since the dogs were going to doggie day care, Francis and I went for a longer walk than normal along the river path. We just went where the rhythm of the river took us and ended up taking this picture of my old office. 

It was a pretty good view from my old office, but the constantly changing views from my new office are way better. :-)

Food for Thought

I’ve been given some websites with recipes on for babies that are in the process of weaning, so in between two sets of laundry, returning ladders I borrowed to a friend, washing the motorhome, chipping a bunch of branches I cut down, and picking up the dogs from day care, I thought I would have a stab at some vegetable fritters.

Before we get to that though, I almost returned home from doggie day care with the wrong black lab. When they brought out Cain I thought to myself, “my we are doing really well at getting him to lose weight”, and he seemed super energetic as well.  It was the day care owner that suggested we might have the wrong dog! Really difficult to tell.  Maybe that’s why dogs smell each other’s butts so they can tell who is who!

On that appetizing note the ingredients for the fritter was eggs, grated potato and cheese, cumin, flour, peas and sweet-corn, mushrooms, salt and pepper, and a lot of love and prayers that he would eat them.


"And here's one I prepared earlier"

"Look Daddy I'm really enjoying it...."

"...or am I?"

At lunch time he gave them a good try, having a bit of a chew but then spitting it out. He was doing his gangsta-rap dance of enjoyment so maybe he liked the taste, but not the texture.

Breastmilk Smoothies

Since we’re not getting through all the liquid gold Mammy is expressing at work, I decided to make Francis a breastmilk smoothie  :

Liquid gold, banana, frozen berries, rice powder.

"et voila"

And did he like it………..



We were aiming for an earlier bath and bedtime today so we can get back to a better schedule. Ananda and Francis were reading whilst I ran the bath. He didn’t seem to be quite finished with the reading so I hopped down with them and he gave me the colours book to read. After I had read it a couple of times we said that it was time for bath time and no more reading.  Francis flew into a rage, and was so energized he went from a leaning position against me to completely standing up by himself and hands free for the first time!!!!! This lasted about 4-5 seconds at which point he burst into giggles of delight, along with Ananda and I. So glad we could all share this super special moment. He then repeated it a couple of times – minus the tantrum.

Ananda and I are hoping he will continue doing this tomorrow, as he looks so cute and happy when he does it. However, we have seen other milestones done before – and then not repeated for about another 6 weeks eg. first time he rolled over. Fingers crossed.

Today’s Lottery numbers for you:
1– poos
7- number of clothes pegs to hold up a fitted sheet for a baby’s cot. Any less and it just keeps getting blown off the line.
7- number of times I read “Whose nose” after Francis afternoon nap was rudely interrupted by a nightmare I think
6 – number of times we read the colours book to him

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