Friday, May 11, 2012

Euro 2012 Prediction Pool Payment Details


Hi my football predicting friends. If you are not going to be visiting me anytime soon and you want to use this page to pay for your Euro Cup 2012 Prediction Pool entry then follow these instructions.

You can also mail me a check to my home address which I have already sent you by email.

The cost for the Euro 2012 Prediction Pool is $20 USD if you are paying from within USA. If you are paying from outside the USA the cost is $21.08 which is 3.9% +30c fees imposed by PayPal.

You can pay in your own currency, but please use the currency converter linked below. If you use PayPal currency converter they will also charge you more, so convert the $21.08 to you local currency using

Okay, ready to start?

Open up the following three addresses,

This is a currency conversion tool you'll use later on;

the PayPal website :

and if necessary:

a copy of these instructions!

Simply sign into you paypal account and click on the "Send Money" tab, circled in red in the image to the left.

Enter my email address,
and the amount to be paid, $20 USD from the USA, $21.08 or equivalent from overseas.
Then select the "Personal" tab, second red circle in image, and that way neither I nor you get any charges.

Click "Continue" and then pay me via your linked accounts.  Simple!

In case you've never played this pool before, I don't take any of the money myself. 100% of the money people pay goes towards the prize fund. I even have to pay my own $20.... and I always loose!

For transparency I always send a copy of my predictions to three other people. If you like I can send it to you... in the very unlikely chance I might win! Ha ha ha ha.

For currency conversion, please use, which you hopefully already opened. Please convert your currency to USD$21.08. As I said PayPal have their own conversion capability, but I think they charge either you or me for the privilege.

Please make sure I get the payment by 12 Noon Thursday June 7th 2012, Pacific Coast Time, USA.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Okay, are you ready? Set, Go!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catching up

In preparation for our road trip we camped out in the yard one fine August night.

Rusty didn't seem too thrilled with his accommodations to start with...

...but he soon got the hang of it and made himself comfortable.

He woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed...

... unlike some we could mention!

Here's some pictures of the garden from last summer.

This is some of our harvest of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beets and squash.

A strange beasty Ananda found on the mint. Any ideas?

This is me watering the apricot tree and trying to be all artistic!

Pumpkins... too good for carving, perfect for Thai curry, with the peppers above, and pies!

These, cute purple flowers belong to our sweet potatoes, which gave us a pretty good harvest. Need to amend the soil next year with sand to help them grow bigger. I grew some slips from a sweet potato I bought at Whole Foods so will be repeating that this year. Soon!

The tomatoes and cucumbers were most abundant through the whole year, all of which I grew from seed, with the help of a cold frame.

The pumpkins just appeared naturally out of our compost so was a nice bonus!

Bell peppers were plants I bought, never had much luck growing them but will try again!

They gave nice big bell peppers as you can see

... and Rusty wasn't sure whether to eat them or not.

Hopefully this forth coming summer will be just as fruitful!