Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 3 - Friday: Living the Dream

Week 3 – Friday : Living the Dream

Sleepless n Melville #2

Like most films, or getting back with exes, the sequel is never as good as the original, and last night was no exception for us. Poor Master Card had a terrible time between 10pm and 00:30am waking in a pitiful state on three of four occasions during that time, and then again at 3 and 5am, or thereabouts – (things were a bit blurry by then).

It required some expert baby whispering from Dad to get him to sleep –(at least that’s my side of the story, Ananda will probably say she tired him out for me) – but we were pretty exhausted this morning. When does the Holy Grail of Sleeping-Through-The-Night return? He used to as a young baby. Cos he’s a really old baby right now. 

I actually do better on no-sleep at all, versus 30 or 40 minutes here and there, thanks to my previous education and career that involved 24-36 hour long experiments!


Right on cue, just as we were going out the door to go grocery shopping, Francis decided to have a nice big poo.  Maybe I could try this as a laxative tactic for him. “Come on Mr Francis, lets go for a ride in the car and go shopping”. Or maybe he’s just very, very, VERY, scared of my driving.

Anyway, fitting nicely in with my theory, he had a good old snack when we got back from shopping. A good amount of pita bread and a good amount of liquid gold before afternoon naps.

Help the Aged?

I do notice that people are very helpful to me when I have Francis strapped in the ergo. For instance today a kind lady asked if she could help me place my groceries from the shopping cart onto the counter at Vege King. Of course she could have been scared that Francis was going to fall out of the ergo since he was in a near upside down position as I attempted to reach for my strawberries. Or maybe I have too much grey hair showing and she thinks I need the help.

Living the Dream

This is how I envisaged my Stay At Home Dad existence would be like everyday...

I may be eating Francis’ discarded lunch, but still one day out of 15 isn’t too bad!


Going to start to cut back on writing a blog everyday – I think anyway, and maybe just do it two or three times a week. Will reconsider though, if they become too wordy, or too boring. Enjoyed writing it so far, kinda a catharsis for me each day, and have enjoyed peoples reaction to it to.  

Friday's Market results:
1– poo
1 – New Zealand’s ranking in the world as the best place to live NZ Best place to live
4 – number of times I had to return to re-pin up the jeans on the clothes line.  I forget how windy Hamilton can be in the spring!
 2252– number of page views in October!


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    1. We did not decide on a name for Francis for about 10-14 days so was just calling him Master Card on FB. A lot of people thought that was his actual name!