Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 3 - Monday - Turning in my Man Card?

Week 3 - Monday

The Party Low-down

The party went off quite well, and we even had time for Margaritas once Francis took his afternoon nap. We kinda needed them by then!

Francis seemed to really enjoy having so many people around and loved it when we all sang happy birthday to him…..

We felt quite glamorous with our friends snapping pictures of us from all angles, but Francis only had his eyes on one thing…

Thanks to everyone who came by and made it a very happy and memorable day. The day ended with some story reading with our friends from Auckland....

Photo credit: Michelle

Big White Porcelain Peninsula

Today was pretty breezy. Decided to stay at home and just chill after the last couple of hectic weeks, getting the house unpacked and Francis’ 1st birthday party. House is in pretty good shape now, so after our morning walk with the dogs we just chilled and played with toys. Then this afternoon was some time on his new swing, and grooming the dogs and just chilling on the deck.

As many stay at home parents will tell you, (and the majority of them being women), you never get to pee or go to the bathroom by yourself.  I’m beginning to find this out but I have an extra problem to deal with.

Our bathroom is so huge that the toilet sticks out from the wall like a big white porcelain peninsula, with baby access on all three sides.  This is leading to some precarious situations for young Francis as he likes to try and climb up and hold onto the toilet bowl, and of course give the rim a bit of a chew – if allowed.  There’s way too much perimeter for me to patrol if I’m standing there trying to pee, and of course Francis runs the risk of a pee–shower (sterile of course) if I try and bat him away as he is trying to gain access to the rim. I wonder if this is how Donald Trump feels when he thinks of the Southern Border?

Turning in my Man-Card?

So the easiest and most elegant solution to this is to do what the fairer sex does and take a seat. It’s actually quite relaxing to do that, although it does involve removing a lot more clothes than upright voiding. I should be okay as long as I remember that last vital fact, but please forgive me if you find me wandering around the town with my pants round my ankles. I’m still learning.

But the most important thing is that I have two hands free to deal with Francis should he try an assault on the rim, plus I’m facing the enemy when seated. I’m working on my death stare to see if I can stop him in his tracks. Right now all I’m getting is a very cheeky grin from him.

Halloween Monster

Halloween Horror numbers

0– poos. But 3 yesterday, and he ate well then and today, so my theory is starting to become FACT!
4 – number of years since we took our first dog Rusty to the airport to fly him to New Zealand. Ananda took him, I was way too emotional

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