Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week 5 - Part 2 Flirting on Friday

Week 5 – Part 2

Fish on Friday

Things have been going pretty well this week. Good eating for the most part, but trying to get him to settle for an afternoon nap is becoming troublesome and frustrating for me. He loves to just lie there and pull at the hairs on your arms for what seems like decades. Urggghhhhhhh, so frustrating.

I’ve tried just leaving him in his cot, but he quite literally throws his toys out the cot, and then does so figuratively as well. I go back him to try and settle him but to no avail. But more on this later……

Friday was a lovely morning and I decided to go for a longer walk along the river than normal.  The levels had been pretty high recently and unfortunately for one large brown trout, it had receded before he could swim back into the main river. So he was stranded in a pretty large puddle. I spent some time wondering if I could catch him by some “Trout tickling” but also realized I would fail at that. I did kinda want to catch it and then release it back in the river. But gave up in the end.  So if someone wants to go and catch some easy fish for Friday night look at the big puddle on the South side of Cobham Drive bridge on the West bank.

Francis the Friday Flirt

We have already noticed that in the past, when Francis encounters a young pretty female face he goes all gooey and doe eyed!  I think the first time we really noticed this was in Auckland Airport before he and his Mammy flew off to the US. We were sat near a make-up advertising hoarding and he kept looking over and smiling and going all gooey at the poster!

Today he was all Francis Flirty McFlirty with the check-out girl at Pak n Sav.  She was a twentyish attractive woman with red hair and he kept making eyes at her and then turning away all giggly, being shy and coy. But then he would look back over his shoulder to make sure she was still looking at him.

When she was smiling back at him and trying to tough his cheek he was so adorably google-eyed and weak-kneed. It was so funny to see him doing this repeatedly for the 5-10 minutes it took us to check out and Laura, the check out girl, was certainly playing her part in egging him on.  Made his day I think!  When we left and I had him in his car seat he looked all distant and sad. “Ah poor broken hearted fellow” I thought – at least till I got him home and realised he was probably pooping at that moment!

I wonder if this encounter was why I could not get him to take an afternoon nap today. I also wonder in the future if he will take a particular shin to red-heads, and I wonder if that is inheritary since I had a thing for red-heads when I was growing up. Mine was caused by Racquel Welsh. I will watch carefully over the coming decades….

Numbers :

2450g – amount of strawberries awaiting being turned into jam
457,000 – the offer we put in on a house – and was rejected
5 – number of house we have tried to buy
5 – number of times we have failed

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