Friday, November 11, 2016

Week 4 - Part 2: Wednesday -Friday

Week 4 – Part 2:  Wednesday-Friday

What a Difference a Day Makes

Wednesday dawned bright and sunny and not windy. Ananda was taking the two dogs to day care on her way to work, so Francis and I had a nice long, unencumbered stroll along the east side of the Waikato river today. All part of building up walking to Duck Island Ice-creamery!

Wednesday, was a great day with Francis. He was super happy and eating well, after a poop in the morning, and made Tuesday afternoon a distant memory.  

Getting Enough Iron?

Wednesday also saw us embarking on a trip up to Auckland to see our friends and to go to the Powerstation to see James – their first EVER gig in New Zealand.  James’ that is, not our friends! I had decided to dismantle Francis’ highchair to make meals up there easier to deal with. Trying to dismantle it with Francis trying his best to help (or was it hinder?) me was quite challenging, but managed to take out the seven bolts without too much sweat.

I took the dismantled parts outside to keep them out of inquisitive fingers way, and then came back inside. I saw a shiny silver bolt on the floor. Soon after my chin hit the floor. I picked it up, had a cursory glance on the floor to see if there were anymore then went outside to see if any were in the chair still. (They are the type that sit in the little holes in the furniture).

There were none in the chair, but alas there were holes for three of them. Okay, I had one. Time to find the other two. Back inside. Crawling around on hands and knees. Glance up at Francis and he flashed me a cheeky smile – along with a silvery grille Mike Tyson would be proud of.

“Aw shit!” I manage to open his mouth and retrieve silvery bolt. He’s such a magpie.

Now I am sweating. Where’s bolt #3? I examine the ones I have and realize if he has swallowed it -(please Francis tell me you didn’t swallow it)- that it’s not a choking hazard as it has holes in it, and well, if he has and it needs to go though his system there are no rough edges to it, to damage his alimentary canal or exit door.

I do more frantic searching. Under the sofa? No. Under the mat that protects the carpets from his rejected food? No. Shelves? NO!! Table? NO!!!! Under Francis? NOOOOO!

Now I am getting desperate – maybe even whimpering a bit.  Francis is quite happily amused by having someone on the ground crawling around with him. He might not be so happy if mammy knew what we were doing!

I pick the wee fellow up and sit him on my knees facing me. I actually ask him if he has swallowed the third one, hoping for any kind of verbal sign. I would probably mis-interpret anything as “YES of course! Now you have to tell mammy and pay the price of your negligence! Ha – HA HA” . This is of course delivered in his best evil laugh, probably whilst rubbing his hands together or stroking a one eyed cat. Maybe my imagination was getting the better of me?

Luckily we were sitting in his play area, where we have a blanket on the floor.  After his interrogation I put him down there so he can have a play whilst I search some more.

“Wait – what’s that lump under the blanket?” My heart skips a beat or jumps into my throat.  Not sure, but it did something.

“Please don’t be mother-XXcking Lego”. I am so frantic/filled with expectation that my mind doesn’t even wonder if this phrase has ever been said before in the history of mankind ….. hmmm ….. maybe by someone standing on some in the night? I digress.

A big smile. The missing bolt has travelled quite far but it is now safely grasped in my sweaty palm. I turn to look at Francis.

He has my drill pointed at his temple Deer Hunter style.


(Editor’s note:   No children were harmed in the making of this story, and the events portrayed may or may not be based on actual events.)

What a Difference another Day Makes.

Of course later that night Trump was elected president. Still trying to get my head around that one.

Happy Videos

So on that somber note here’s some fun videos of Francis to try and put a smile back on our faces.

Here's some time lapse of Francis doing his best Popeye impersonation:


And his joyful little jog when he is happy eating something!

Gangsta Rap Dance

Especially for Nellie.

Accumulator Station:

1- poops per day for the last three days – so good eating has ensued.
59,937,338 – number of people who voted for Trump*
60,274,974 – number of people who voted for Clinton*
6,149,297 – number of people who voted for others*

*99.4% of voting districts

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