Thursday, June 19, 2014

Examples of my work from MultiSkills At UniTec and Foster Construction Ltd.

Here are some examples of the work I did on my Multi-Skills Building Construction Course in the Building Technology Department at Unitec Institue of Technology from February 2014 to June 2014.

Making a wall frame

Joining frame together with my class mates (I'm not shown here)

Then I did some Gib fixing

Gib Stopping

In Plumbing I made a dust pan

Welded together a money box

Made a metal tool box
In Joinery I made a mail box

Designing my own table ends

Designing my own table sides- pre sanding

Finished Table - View 1

Finished Table - View 2

Here are some examples of before and after for a  house painting job I  did for a friend in Winter 2013

West Side of House - before

West Side of House - after

South Side of House - before

South Side of House - after

Chimney breast - before

Chimney breast - before

Chimney breast - after

Chimney breast - after

Garage - before (That's me on the left)

Garage - after

Garage roof - before

Garage roof - after

North of House 1- before

North of House 1 - after

North of House 2 - before

North of House 2 - after

Extension - before

Extension - after

East of House - before

East of House - after

Here are some examples of the construction work I am doing at Foster Construction Limited at Endeavour Ave primary school in Flagstaff, Hamilton.
West side of Endeavour Primary School - after RAB board and CLD battens have been added.
North Side of school showing RAB boards and CLD battens I installed.

Another view of North side of school.

The underfloor heating hose installed at school, (installed by sub-contractor ), on top of the polystyrene floor  I helped install and steel rebar at 5m grids

Monday, April 28, 2014

World Cup 2014 Payment Instructions


Hi my football predicting friends. If you are not going to be visiting me anytime soon and you want to use this page to pay for your World Cup 2014 Prediction Pool entry then follow these instructions.

The cost for the World Cup 2014 Prediction Pool is $25 USD if you are paying from within USA. If you are paying from outside the USA the cost is $26.28 which is 3.9% +30c fees imposed by PayPal.

Okay, ready to start?

Open up the following two addresses,

the PayPal website :

and if necessary:

a copy of these instructions!

Simply sign into you paypal account and click on the "Send Money" tab, circled in red in the image to the left.

Enter my email address,
and the amount to be paid, $25 USD from the USA, $26.28 or equivalent from overseas.
Then select the "Personal" tab, second red circle in image, and that way neither I nor you get any charges.

Please make sure the payment is in US dollars. ALSO please pay any fees that Paypal may charge. This is very important.

Click "Continue" and then pay me via your linked accounts.  Simple!

In case you've never played this pool before, I don't take any of the money myself. 100% of the money people pay goes towards the prize fund. I even have to pay my own $25.... and I always loose!

For transparency I always send a copy of my predictions to three other people. If you like I can send it to you... in the very unlikely chance I might win! Ha ha ha ha.

Please make sure I get the payment by 12 Noon Tuesday June 10th 2014, Pacific Coast Time, USA.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Okay, are you ready? Set, Go!!!