Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 1 – or should it be ground zero!

Day 1 – or should it be ground zero!

Well most things cooperated quite well in the morning to keep us on schedule, although Cain was super slow on his walk. Apparently Francis woke up three or four times through the night to feed – not that I noticed – maybe it was the full moon? Us males need to go into a deep sleep so we can go hunter-gathering in the morning. Don’t blame me, blame my genes.

Anyway, Ananda was only about 10 minutes late leaving for work, and I was surprised there was no tears – from any of us! After safely waving goodbye to Mam as she drove off,  Francis and I looked at our spreadsheet for the day. He seemed to nod consent, or was he falling asleep due to boredom? Who knows?

Needless to say the day proceeded swimmingly, for the first 45 minutes, until the first blood was drawn – literally. Francis has an unhealthy obsession with power cords  - anyone else’s young babies have a similar Houdini like death wish ? – so I “safely” tucked one away by wrapping it up on the wall panel heater (great at heating the wall behind it and the 3mm of air in front of it).  Obviously Francis saw this as a challenge and  managed to stand on his tip-toes and grabbed it, thus causing the plug end – yes the pointy metal fronds that stick into the wall – to pendulum down and smack him full on the upper lip.

Now anyone who has stood on one of the these things in the middle of the night and lived to tell the tale knows how painful theses plugs can be - (USA and NZ people do not know how lucky they are with their wafer-thin metal bits – UK ones are made out of industrial strength iron girders). So imagine been smacked in the face by one – then imagine being smacked in the face by one when you’re 11 months old! Poor Francis was obviously quite upset at this and a tiny little bead of blood appeared on his top lip.

I have to admit my first thought was not for Francis, but of the possible hell-to-pay I may face from Ananda for lasting only 45 minutes before harming our dear child. Once I had gotten that selfish thought out of the way, Francis was all too willing to be comforted, and after a few minutes with a cold wet cloth pressed to his lips ( picture  a fight scene from Rocky) was fully mended and ready to take on the world again.


Our next self-allotted task was to hang out the laundry – which was all the floor mats from our house move. This went well despite the windiness of the day and the unwieldiness of trying to hang a floor mat up with clothes-pins, but we succeeded. However, upon retiring to the laundry room I was obviously resting on my laurels too much and let my concentration slip for a second and dropped the whole bucket of clothes pins all over the floor. My Dad would be so proud – “Fiddlesticks” was the exclamation I used. Surely that gets me a point and makes up for the GBH the plug orchestrated on my sons face. No?

Daddy Milkies:

This went remarkable well. He slurped down some pre-expressed Ananda liquid gold in about 9 minutes – but then became obsessed with the empty bottle.  I had to channel my best Paul Daniels to make it disappear before he settled down to go to sleep in my arms. As usual he went through the three stages of going to sleep: 1) denial, 2) denial then 3) GRAND DENIAL. It always amazes me how his last massive attempt to  resist sleep is followed almost immediately by a deep slumber.  I think he has an internal light switch – or is it a fuse blowing somewhere?

I did manage to nap myself for a wee while after I went back to the kitchen and finished off my half –drank breakfast cup of herbal-tea – cursing the fact that the baby monitor had decided today it was not going to work – and our neighbour who decided that was a good time to start sawing wood, with a table saw.

Lunchy munchies :

After some play time when he woke, I managed to get some hummus, broccoli and rice crackers into the wee man, followed by copious amounts of cheddar. Definitely his mother’s son.  The first time I ever met Ananda was over a cheese plate!  Anyway, Ananda made it easy on us (me) today as she returned just after  lunch-time.


 More hotly discussed then the Trump-Clinton election race in our house is the portmanteau  of Francis favourite afternoon snack.  Peanut butter and banana. We like portmanteau in our house (yes you can look it up on Google) and started out as Grananda, and now have morphed into Granancis.  The naming of our second child, should we be blessed enough to have one, will have to be thought out very carefully. 
Anyway, I like Pe-ana but Ananda has been pushing hard for “Pea-bana”.  I ask her why today and I quote “ because both peanut and banana have a b in them”. Oh dear – guess I’ll be teaching Francis how to spell, as well as do mental arithmetic and throw. (On that note Ananda is two-for-two at throwing the dogs tennis ball over the neighbours fences (one either side of us). Be warned, do not stand behind her in a stone skimming contest.

So to bring this dismal tale to an end for day 1, here’s a tally….

Two poos – we’re only counting Francis
One cut lip
One swear word avoidance
4 Naps* - 2 for Francis, one each for Grananda
·      Dog naps not counted

 I apologise for lack of pictures - still no internet at new place.

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