Sunday, October 16, 2016

T minus1 day

T minus1 day

Well actually it’s closer to T minus 8 hours, but as they say tomorrow is another day. Ananda, Francis and I, hereafter referred to as Granancis, have spent the last 6 days moving house. Not sure how many trailer trips I made, and how many times I filled up the motor home, but we also had to hire some movers for 3 hours on Friday night.   Always difficult moving house, but when you’re moving from a big house to a smaller one, it becomes way more of a painful task. Our house is now full, and so is the garage of boxes of “stuff”.  At one point, 4am on Saturday morning I did despair that the task would never be complete, but then the cavalry arrived in the shape of a low-riding tricked out Subaru, carrying our good friends, Shaun, Michelle, Katie and Alice from Auckland.  They really were so awesome and took some of the most arduous tasks of our hands, and by Saturday evening we even had some clear bench space in the cupboard.

It was a sad time as we finally bade farewell to our house (well the landladies house) on Hobson street. It will hold special memories for us as that is where we had Francis (he was a home-birth child, and hopefully I’ll get to write the story of his birth from his Dad’s perspective on one of these blogs) and we had many fun times and parties in that house. Time to make new memories in our new abode.

Anyway, you’re not tuning in to hear how our boring old house move went, but to read about how I’m caking my pants about having to look after Francis, all by myself tomorrow – and I’m not yet written the spreadsheet! Bugger. Truth be told, I’m too tired to care, and we have his box of building blocks and books all set up in one corner so what could go wrong……..

Here’s the spreadsheet…… fingers crossed….

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