Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 2 SPACED out.

Day 2 SPACED out.

SPACE is an awesome mother and baby group that Ananda and Francis have been attending since Jan or Feb of 2016.  So today was my turn to go and keep the fun times rolling.  We had been pre-warned to bring a change of clothing and a towel since the theme for today was “messy play”.   The only drawback to SPACE is the timing, 9:30-11:30am – prime Francis napping time!

We were about ten minutes late as Francis woke up about 5 times last night, and then was up early so I forced a nap into him – or tried to. He final fell asleep at 8:40, so I knew I would have to wake him.   Maybe they need to change the adage about letting sleeping dogs lie to include young children too……

Anyway the wake up was not so bad, some tears, but soon soothed away by my dulcet tones as we sang and drove our way over to the group. None of this Wiggles nonsense –  some James instead. We were only ten minutes late, and it didn’t feel too strange being the only guy adult there. I’ve been twice before and they’re very welcoming.  I didn’t really have a breast feeding story to share, in the sharing circle but the ladies didn’t seem to mind!

For the messy play, we made some corn flour gloop, mixing corn flour and water to make a nice non-Newtonian fluid that was super weird to play with. Then it was off outside to watch the kids play in the gloop, in the clay, in the sand and in the water.  As well as watching them eat it! As usual Francis was spoon obsessed and spent the morning crawling around trying to see how many things he could hold in his hands as he was crawling.  Quite impressive really, how he can crawl and carry so many things.

It was nice to sit around and hear the trials and tribulations of the other mothers when it comes to weaning their wee tykes and trying to get them to sleep through the night. One mother claimed a hair-cut for her one year old did the trick – hmmm pity Francis takes after his Dad in the follicle department.

After getting washed up and a change of clothes we sang some songs – unfortunately it was the Wiggles this time – and then said our goodbyes. Next week we’re meeting at the Zoo! AWESOME!!!

Meals on Wheels

Since Ananda was at a conference all day today, I drove us over to meet her so that she could feed Francis whilst we sat in the car, and to pick up the liquid gold that Ananda had expressed that morning in our motorhome – a mobile milking unit! I hear some people say that all that driving and pollution is very much against Granancis’ environmental principles, BUT, the milk was expressed using an electric pump that was hooked up to the motor homes solar panel so CO2 free expressing. Can you say that about the milk you pour on your cereal in the morning? I digress……

Over achieving?

Since it was my first full day by myself, I wanted to show that I could manage it. In typical tradition this meant that I tried to do too much. Doing this on a Tuesday is even worse, since it’s the day when I normally fast each week, and by about 3pm I am normally quite Hangry (more portmantueau!).  Unfortunately for our dogs, Sunny and Cain, they were forced into joining me on my fast, as in the chaos of the move and role switching we had forgotten to order their food for them. They had been on short rations since Sunday,  but manor from heaven fnally arrived for them this morning in the form of a nice 18kg bag of food.

Anyway, Francis had a nice long nap this afternoon, so I moved the lawns,  and prepared dinner, and did the laundry as well.  I'm knackered now.

Messy play at Dinner.

Just carrying the theme on at dinner time…….

So Day #2 completed, here are the milestones for my Gantt chart.

One poo– again we’re only counting Francis
No cut lips
One dead bird rolled on  - Sunny’s version of messy play
Two Lawns cut
15 reusable nappies wash, dried, re stuffed and then put away!
Six Slinky Malinky renditions – good job it’s both of ours favourite book.
Windows attacked with a baseball bat – one
Child taught to purse his lips and make kissing sounds – one – Francis of course

Page views yesterday  120!!!! -  WTF?

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