Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week 2 - Thursday

Week 2 - Thursday

Easy Peesy Lemon Squeezy

Early start today as Franics was up with the larks. Never really knew what time they got up before now, but it was about 5:30am.

Not much to write about today as it was all smooth sailing after an early bump in the road– but a theory has developed in my mind. We’ll get to that in a minute.

One hiccup was that I was pretty stressed this morning at the thought of a repeat of yesterday, so I was a bit terse with Ananda when she gave me another list of things to do today. The longer the list got, and by long I mean when it got to item #3, I was just so full of self-pity as to how this was going to be an awful day again, and yet Ananda was demanding three things of me.  Yes three things! At least that’s how I saw it.

I guess I did a bad job of relating to Ananda how stressed I was about today, but you know after being together for about ten years I was figuring she would have worked out how to read my mind by now. Just like I can read hers… oh wait…….

Anyway, moving on, milkies at 9:38am and then asleep by 10:02am was a good start to the day of listening to Ananda’s advice.

Francis woke up about 11:45 and cleared his system, so to speak. I sent Ananda a picture of Francis’s poopy nappy as an apology (and of course I called her as well to apologise properly) – and then Francis did really well eating a variety of things for lunch – which brings me to my theory.

If I look back at the stats I record at the bottom of my blog I may find that he doesn’t eat the day before he has a poo. Maybe he is just so crammed full of spinach he can’t eat anything else? Will keep an eye on this theory and see how it pans out  (pardon the pun).

I also received some really good advice from my sister-in-law Nellie, who said if I looked at what he ate over the course of a week, and not focus on a day by day account, I would see he was doing fine. Ananda also added me to the "Baby Led Weaning" FB page, so I saw I'm not alone in this area.

After going to post Mammy’s presidential ballot  (down with the Trump) we had afternoon milkies and then Francis fell asleep sometime between 3:35 and 4:15pm. I’m vague on the time cos it was only Francis stirring in my arms that woke me at 4:15pm, so I gently laid him down in his cot, and went about my weary way.

Birthday Preparations.

The young lad has his birthday tomorrow so I’ve spent this evening doing some cake prep. We’ve decided on a vegan chocolate cake AND a more traditional christening type fruit cake. Said fruit cake recipe is steeped in family history as well as steeped in  alcohol, and tonight I had to put on the (homemade) marzipan……..

The cake with some important ingredients near-by

It's all in the planning...

...then the execution.

Et voila.

Frosting will be added later.

The fruit cake is also a tribute to my parents, both of whom are sadly no longer with us. My Mam was always a great cake maker and decorator too, and my Dad always loved his fruit cake. So although they can’t be with us anymore they are always in our thoughts and hearts.

Birthday Eve Bingo numbers

1– poos.
2 – number of stats I can think of for today

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