Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stay At Home Dad - T minus 4 days

These blogs will hopefully be a tongue-in-cheek account of what it's like to be a stay at home Dad..... or a sad account of my demise into insanity!

Well, I managed a few big projects in my time: the commissioning of a $13.5 million beam line at the SSRL; the re-jigging of two environmental testing platforms involving about 30 people with a gross revenue of about $15 million dollars; and being a line manager to a bunch of highly intellectual scientists. I reckon all of that may well lead me to be well positioned to project manage the upbringing of our almost one year old son, Francis.... as long as he can read spreadsheets, tell the time and read Gantt charts! 

So it's now 4 days until I take over the "stay-at-home" role,  but for most of those four days we're moving from one rental house to another, so on top of that disruption, why not throw in a little parental role swapping just to keep Francis nice and confused - I mean settled. 

Hopefully it won't take him long to adjust to the fact that milk won't come form my nipples (if he can find them under all the hair),  and that I may not make the banana-peanut-rice powder mush I'm trying to call pea-ana (pea-ana get it?) as well as his gorgeous mother, but I'm going to try the best I can. After all, all I have to do is keep him alive for 8 hours a day whilst she is at work, and not teach him the F word too fast!

Whilst we're moving house, and getting our internet connected -which may take some time - here's an article I will use as my "How not to" guide.....

In the meantime I'll get working on those spreadsheets.....