Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 5 Wonderfully Uneventful

Day 5 Wonderfully Uneventful

Parents were pretty tired after watching the third Presidential debate last night. Not that there was anything very Presidential about it. Trump just reminds me of, and debates like, a 4-year old, so I picked up some good tips from Hilary on how to deal with  a child last night. Might need to refer to them in three years time!

Nevertheless, I think we got Mammy out of the house by about 7:43am, with Francis and I closely following behind to do some modern day hunter-gathering at the grocery stores.  

Grocery shopping has always been one of my tasks, but because I hate queuing, you would normally find me at Pak’n Save at 7am on a Sunday morning. I thought early on a Friday morning might not be too bad, and it wasn’t, but those damned commuters did make the traffic quite bad – well for Hamilton anyway.

My other phobia about shopping is the music they play. One whiff of Phil Collins and it would all go pear shaped as I dashed for the exits. I don’t known what the proper “phobia” is when it comes to Phil Collins, but whatever it is, I have it. I have left trolley loads of goodies behind in stores before.

Anyway, to prove I had learned my lesson from Monday, I had deliberated avoided drinking more than two sips of my tea, so my bladder would not be a problem today as we had quite a trip planned. First over to Heaphy Terrace to go to Vege King, then to Pak’n Save and Countdown at Bridge Street. It’s a pity we can’t buy all the stuff we need in one store.  If anyone in Melville/Glenview knows of a Vege King type shop then please do let me know.

Apart from trying to adjust to new shop layouts, it all went very well, and the queues were not too bad.

After morning naps, we headed to have lunch with Mammy at work, although the only thing Francis would eat was cheese.  Buoyed by our purchasing success this morning we decided to go to Bunnings to get some more man shopping in and to buy some supplies so I can make the deck at the house less of a death trap to a crawling baby.  Plus I really like DIY!

Upon entering the car-park I realized that it was a bank holiday weekend as every-man and their dogs were there – well not quite literally but you know what I mean. We made good time though, until we came to the check out at the Garden Centre. It was taking an age for the two people in front of us, and since we were standing in the sun I was fearful that either Francis or I could get a sunburn on our follicly challenged skulls, so went to try our luck inside.  Good choice as they opened a check out just for us as we got there!

We both needed a nap after that, and after Francis woke about 60 minutes later I went in to get him ready for Ananda’s return. As the picture shows, obviously we both needed a little more Z time…….


As promised yesterday…. The pant song arose when changing Francis’ nappy since his Mam, sorry “Mom”,  says pants in a very cute American way.

To the tune of whatever you like….words may need changed based on gender of child:

“P is for pants and peeing in my pants.
A is for apples and ants in my pants.
N is for nuts and nuts in my pants.
T is for trousers that’s another word for pants.
S is for socks that are on under my pants.”

So Day #5 completed,  for the fact-checkers amongst you:

3 - poos – finally
3 – Grocery shops attended
3 – Loads of laundry
3 – days this weekend - yippee
1- Dog forgotten at doggy day-care  - not my job!

No blogs over the holiday weekend. I’m sure you’ll cope.

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