Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weigh in #7 - July 15; Garden Update and Fraggle Rock

So, almost getting behind with my weigh ins. Here is the weight in for this last week.

It was a massive 38.5oz, which is 2lb 6.5oz in old money, so over our quota for that week. It's time to take stock of where we are with our challenge.

Challenge started on April 23rd 2010 - Earth Day. We are at the end of week twelve which means our quota for rubbish should have been 24lbs. With today's weigh in we have reached the 94oz mark or 8lbs and 14oz. Until this week it was only 55oz so this weeks 38.5 is a bit of an anomaly. Maybe having too many people over to the world cup :-).

Anyway, we're still 15lbs and 2oz to the good on our challenge so thing are going really well.

Composting is in full swing and no matter how much we feed the tumbling composter bin it just eats it all up. It's maintaining a nice healthy temperature in there now.

The hot weather we've had for the last two weeks has certainly made my garden perk up too.

These German Giant Strawberry heirloom tomatoes have started to set on the plants.

I was surprised to see Red from Fraggle Rock hiding out in my corn stalks.

Maybe she and the doozers are keeping the squirrels away.

The corn "flowers" are in full blown and shedding their pollen down to the silks below. I found out that corn is wind pollinated from the male flowers, so should not have worried about the black aphids. I actually got rid of the aphids by spraying them with some water with one drop of bio-degradable detergent in it. Worked a treat.

The corn has started to sprout from the nodes below the flowers. Time to hang up some old cd's in the tree above the corn to try and keep the birds away. In the last week the corn has grew over a foot and is about 8 foot high. It's actually quite pretty.

Finally, proof that I am winning the battle against the slugs ; nice healthy looking marigolds. I planted these at the edges of the beds as sacrificial plants for the bugs and snails to feed on. Now they are growing so well I think my hand removal of snails, slugs and earwigs each night has paid off.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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