Monday, July 19, 2010

Apple Insects - help needed

Hi all

well I guess I should have done something about it earlier. I think the Squirrels are really messing with my mind now. They've been infecting my apples with some nasty little beasties.

I took some pictures and posted a question on Dave's click here

but thought I'd let you guys have a stab at it.

Of course living in California it could be the brown apple moth, but let's see what the wider garden community has to say.

What with the squirrels eating the apples and then pouring these nasty worms all over them I hope there's some left for me to eat.

Oh yeah, and I had a screw stuck in the back of my car tyre last week - damned squirrels!

1 comment:

  1. Apple codling moth I imagine. Easily controlled with Diazanon spray just after bloom. They're endemic in the suburbs because lots of people have apple trees and let the fruit rot on the ground. Good luck trying to manage them organically.