Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weigh in #5 - June 13th, and Big Ass Spiders

Just a quick one this week. A massive 12oz bringing our total to 48.5oz or pretty much three pounds since we started on April 23, so way under our target!

Whilst I was out in the garden last night defending our crops from earwigs and slugs, something brushed against my head. I thought it was the branch of a tree, although I knew no branches were near by. I shone my torch upwards to see a rather MASSIVE specimen of this common Garden Spider. He was more like a crab than a spider! I love spiders and think they do a great job, BUT this one did freak me out a little bit.

I left him happily repairing his torn web. Maybe he'll catch and eat a squirrel or two.

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