Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Squirrel Conspiracy, Mars, Tazo, Numi and Yogi.

Nope, not the characters from a Star Wars re-hash but things and products that have pissed me off.

The squirrel army hit back at me on Monday afternoon. After taking some serious BB shots to various parts of their bodies on Sunday, they waited until Ananda and I were out the house. Not content with just digging in my plants, they took my laundry off the lines and tossed it on the ground, and some of it even over the fence.

Ananda claims it was was the wind but those bushy tailed buggers are damned devious!

I exacted some revenge later on by shooting one of them right in the mouth. The cherry he was munching on went flying, clattering on the roof as he himself went flying from the tree.

Later on when I saw him hopping along the fence I opened the window. When he saw me he wet himself on the fence post!

He had the look of fear in his eyes. I think I am going to win this war!

Mars and Masterfood today committed a heinous crime. They started using rennet, an enzyme extracted from calve stomachs to make their chocolate products, making them non-vegetarian. This is such a backward step. So, if like me you want to give them what-for write and complain. I used this link. I'll post here later what they say.

If you do write to them let me know their replies, and I'll post them here too. No doubt it will be some kind of form letter.

Three other companies no longer receiving my business, and this is to do with our 100lb garbage challenge are Tazo, Yogi and Numi tea.

Firstly their teas are individually packaged in the box in a waxy lined sealed paper bag. The wax or plastic does not biodegrade and I know this because the worms eat the paper from the outside and leave the plastic behind.

Secondly they use two bloody metal stapes for each bag. Again, why do you need to us staples at all?

I've written to Yogi teas at this link and told them they could save money by not individually wrapping their bags and doing away with the string and staples. Surely enough people in the USA have tea-spoons so they can remove their tea-bag from a cup?

Tazo commit the same stupid crimes of individual plastic wrapped bags with two staples and string. I wrote to them here.

The third one to get it in the neck are our very own Oakland based Numi Tea company. Same crimes as above which I've asked them about through this link.

I'll let you know if and when and what they respond. Maybe they'll off me half of the money they will save from not wrapping and using staples.

Right off for a nice up of Bengal Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings. No messing with strings, staples and extra packaging with these boys.

Later this week, we'll do our third weigh in for our 100lb challenge. It might be a bit heavy this week since I smashed a breakfast bowl. Doh!


  1. Don't forget about Traditional Medicinals. Same stupid staple and plastic liners. I told them to contact me if they change their packaging because I love their teas. :'(

  2. Don't throw the broken bowl. Keep it and use pieces of it to cover the holes at the bottom of plant pots before you put the soil in.