Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weigh in #4 - June 3rd 2010

Hi all, so here is our fourth weight in. A total of 11oz for the last two weeks. It might have been slightly heavier, but for a wonderful suggestion from Julia about how to use the broken breakfast bowl for better use. Julia's suggestion actually solves a problem I always have i.e. finding small rocks to put in the bottom of my potted plants around the drain hole to help stop the soil from all being washed away and also in helping to aerate the soil. Good job Julia.

So, five weeks into our challenge we have sent 36.5 oz to the land fill, or 2lb 4.5oz, that puts us 7lb 11.5oz ahead in the game! (Our allowance at this point would have been 10lbs).

I think you should all try this at home! It's fun and it's also good for everyone. I wonder if my waste collection service would give me a discount?

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