Friday, December 2, 2016

Week 6 & 7 - Part 2 Short and Sweet?

Week 6 &  7– Part 2


Reading – Repetitive Strain Injury. I’m sure every parent with babies/toddlers has suffered from this at some point.

I don’t mind reading and re-reading a book if it’s a good one and Francis is clearly getting enjoyment out of them. But still there come’s a time when……..

So my approach to this has been re-reading them in different accents. Eg. With a French accent, or an American twang, or reverting to my native Geordie tongue.  However the best combination appears to be to get Ananda to try and read the books with a Geordie accent. Here’s a wee excerpt……


470,000 - what we offered for a house and was still rejected. House has now been removed from the market.
 9 - days until we leave for San Deigo.
1085 - number of page view "The story of Francis" received! Thanks for reading

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