Thursday, June 19, 2014

Examples of my work from MultiSkills At UniTec and Foster Construction Ltd.

Here are some examples of the work I did on my Multi-Skills Building Construction Course in the Building Technology Department at Unitec Institue of Technology from February 2014 to June 2014.

Making a wall frame

Joining frame together with my class mates (I'm not shown here)

Then I did some Gib fixing

Gib Stopping

In Plumbing I made a dust pan

Welded together a money box

Made a metal tool box
In Joinery I made a mail box

Designing my own table ends

Designing my own table sides- pre sanding

Finished Table - View 1

Finished Table - View 2

Here are some examples of before and after for a  house painting job I  did for a friend in Winter 2013

West Side of House - before

West Side of House - after

South Side of House - before

South Side of House - after

Chimney breast - before

Chimney breast - before

Chimney breast - after

Chimney breast - after

Garage - before (That's me on the left)

Garage - after

Garage roof - before

Garage roof - after

North of House 1- before

North of House 1 - after

North of House 2 - before

North of House 2 - after

Extension - before

Extension - after

East of House - before

East of House - after

Here are some examples of the construction work I am doing at Foster Construction Limited at Endeavour Ave primary school in Flagstaff, Hamilton.
West side of Endeavour Primary School - after RAB board and CLD battens have been added.
North Side of school showing RAB boards and CLD battens I installed.

Another view of North side of school.

The underfloor heating hose installed at school, (installed by sub-contractor ), on top of the polystyrene floor  I helped install and steel rebar at 5m grids

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