Monday, January 17, 2011

Weigh ins #22 -#24, Birthdays and the Garden

In short order, Weigh in #22

was 18oz.....

#23 .....

was 32.5oz probablt due to some of William's nappies (diapers).

Weigh in #24 ....

was 16.5oz. That gives us a total of 484oz which is 30lbs and 4oz. Not bad for 38 weeks, so we're running at about 12oz of rubbish a week.

I recently turned 40 and Ananda took me to Farallon in the city for dinner. Very nice indeed.

I finally got some pictures up onto Facebook at the 4th time of asking! Even then I had to do them a few at a time. Not really sure how FB is meant to be worth 25 billion dollars!

Finally, Ananda asked if she could cut my hair and I said "no". So, she took it out on the apricot tree....

Glad I said no now, look what she did to the poor thing!!!

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  1. I think it looks pretty good actually! But you zoomed in so it's kinda hard to see how much chopping actually occurred.