Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weigh in #11 and #12 - Mysterious plastic!

Okay gotta be super quick, wedding planning is in full swing!

Okay, this weigh in was 3lb 2.5oz. A bit heavy, but maybe some more broken glass. I can never decide if it's safe to put broken glass in the recycling bin. I always worry about the garbage truck guys cutting themselves, but then again, I'm sure when they dump it into the truck most of the glass will get broken. Anyone know what to do?

Next weigh in was 2lb and 5 oz. Not too bad. Most of that weight was due to me swapping out the fridge water filter cartridge.

Okay, this last lot is from the vacuum cleaner. Well my parents are arriving very soon so had to get the old vacuum out!

So that brings our grand total to 270oz or 16lb 14oz. In 20 weeks, that pretty damned impressive. Let's keep up the good work!

Finally, whilst turning our compost Ananda turned up a few plastic items. These are from of some of the paper based bags you sometimes get groceries in eg. I think the big one is from a bag of frozen blue berries. The paper on the outside has decomposed but the inner liner hasn't. You can play a game where you try and guess what the others are. Winners get a free invite to our wedding..... to do the cleaning up!

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