Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rules of the Game

Quite simply put.

Between us, Ananda and I will try and throw out less then 100lb of rubbish (garbage) over the next 52 weeks, i.e. to the next Earth Day . That's less than 2lb of rubbish a week!

By rubbish I mean the stuff we put into the bin (trash can) that the garbage truck takes away each week.

We will attempt to do this by

a) Buying wisely, things that don't need packaging, shouldn't have packaging - Trader Joes take note!

b) Buying only items that come in packaging that can be re-used, recycled or composted in our own compost bins. (I'm highly skeptical of the biodegradable trays that vegetables are appearing in - lets see how they bio-degrade in our compost bins)

c) Composting all of our food scraps - this will be easy for us since we our both vegetarian, and with a cheese monster living with me, no dairy will be thrown out. I'm confident our worms and two composting systems can handle the rest.

d) Recycling all of the paper waste, glass etc we get. Some of the paper waste will be composted but we have been led to believe that recycling the paper is better than feeding it to our worms, and compost.

e) The garden waste that we don't have the capacity to compost is taken away does not count. I'll keep you up to date on how we do with that, but that won't count towards the 100lb.

We've obviously been doing some of the stuff above for some time now, but not really taking note of what are landfill footprint is.

I will be weighing, yes I said it, weighing the stuff we thrown out to the trash can each week. Where necessary, I might even give you a description of what it is we are failing on.

Think we can do it? Willing to put you money where your mouth is? We'll donate our winnings to a good green earth project or charity when we find one, or when one is recommended to us.

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